Here is the unofficial capital of the fledgling Republic of Pirates, adopted home of the expatriated British sea captains that swelled their number. Though Christopher Columbus had first arrived here, claiming the land for his Spanish patrons in 1492, it became a contested isle by 1715.

In Edward Kenway’s time, Nassau was newly named as such, in search of an identity. This became a pirate’s haven, in no small part owing to the many shipwrecks that had fallen foul of shallow reefs such as the one scarily dubbed the Devil’s Backbone. Some not entirely by accident, we might add…

The infamous Blackbeard, real name Edward Teach, was among the British privateers that settled in Nassau, appointing himself magistrate and operating out of Fort Nassau. Calico Jack Rackham and Anne Bonney were also famous around these parts, among those that founded the rebel republic.

Edward Kenway finds himself at the centre of the struggle between the British Royal Navy’s attempts to regain control, and the pirates’ cunning response in protection of their own ideals. Cue the grand-scale sea battles and glorious pursuit of sunken treasure that we shall explore in the coming weeks.



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