La Habana

The Spanish founded Havana in the early 1500s, eventually crowning her the Key to the New World. The thriving Cuban capital grew rapidly throughout the 16th century, earning City status in 1592 – long before Edward Kenway set foot among the busy streets.

By 1715 the Spanish conquest of neighbouring Caribbean islands was well underway, around the time that a youthful Edward Kenway first spies the treasure laden Galleons at bay. By now the city rivalled contemporary New York in size, a military stronghold made wealthy by the sugar trade.

For Edward, Havana is a springboard for main Sequence missions and a shipbuilding history lends itself to upgrades for his own pride and joy, The Jackdaw. Trading connections with North America also made Havana a very fashionable destination – an ideal place to indulge in the finer things in life among the attractive baroque and neoclassical landmarks.

Time-honoured Assassin’s Creed gameplay involving rooftop scrambles and climbs atop majestic towers are to be expected here, along with fortress raids and assassination contracts that fund Edward’s future ambitions. Understanding the political and militaristic inner workings of this already historic city is Edward’s key to his own new world, one that must assure an Assassin victory.



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